Touched by a kitten.


We spent two days together and yet this tiny, frail animal touched me deeply. I spent most of those two days with her cradled in my arms, cleaning it with cotton swabs, feeding her from a small pipette. She responded with her little miaows, pressing her paws onto my fingers and purring when she was asleep. But she had been too weak and away from her mother she faded away. She still responded to my voice by weakly kneading my hand, her little cry getting weaker.

My humanity was stirred by this little animal. At the end of each yoga lesson I remind the class (and myself) of the precious gift of every breath. This little kitten reminded me of this yet again – life is so precious – too precious to waste. Somehow we seem to muddle through life, concentrating on the  unimportant to the exclusion of the important.

Thank you for touching my life. x


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