Yoga Holiday

Yoga holiday with Wale

September 2022 03/09 - 10/09 £795
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Summer fruit salad

Wendy's fruit salad

Wendy’s fruit salad

Those of you who have visited us will have enjoyed Wendy’s fresh fruit salad with thick Greek yoghurt after the morning yoga classes. Apart from the aromatic peaches, fresh figs from our garden and other seasonal fruits, there are two little touches that really lift the flavours of the fruit into the heavenly realm!

  1. A squeeze of fresh lemon which will also keep the colours bright, and
  2.  some fresh chopped mint.

Make sure you choose aromatic seasonal fruits,  don’t choose exotic fruits that have travelled thousands of miles. Each country has it’s amazing fruits – berries of all descriptions, apples, pears, plums, quince etc.

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