Yoga Gently

September 2020 12/09 - 19/09 £695
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Happiness in a world of plenty.

Berezovsky, once Russia’s wealthiest oligarch is thought to have committed suicide. People who knew him well say he had been fighting inner demons and had felt a lack of purpose in his life.

For many of us, who aren’t in that financial league we often postpone our happiness to a time in the future when things will be just right – the right amount of money, the right home, the right car, the right job, the right partner etc. We might look at Mr B and say if we had a quarter of what he had we would be happy, but herein lies ‘our big fat human mistake’ of believing that something external to us will make us happy.

When Ghandi  was asked to sum up his life, he said ‘renounce and enjoy’. Renunciation is one of the keys of yogic practice, but it doesn’t mean an austere giving up of everything ‘enjoyable’ in life. Renunciation, in this context means giving up our attachment to objects and outcomes. We can enjoy the good things of life, but we are not attached to them. If I have a Bentley then you I can it’s wonderful ride and finish, but if it suddenly leaves my life that’s OK too. I can also enjoy the ride of an old rusty bike.