Yoga Gently

September 2020 12/09 - 19/09 £695
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Figs and economic crisis.

Figs are ripening on the trees now. So after enjoying a couple of perfect figs its time to prepare breakfast for our guests. Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and some aromatic local chestnut honey. 

A lot of bad press about the economic situation. But hey, lets get things in perspective. How much is a sunrise that enlightens a new day worth? What about that sunset that takes your breath away – how much is that worth? Breaking some bread, olive oil, olives, two tomatoes from the garden and a little cheese with friends and family – how much is that worth? And what about a baby’s little feet and hands, my dog Jack’s smile, sitting in sangha, a seed bursting it’s leaves through the soil and ………..Priceless?

This is a God given opportunity to discover ourseleves and what things are really important in life.