Everything happens for a reason?


I was looking forward to some time on my own, a chance to catch up with my yoga practice and some of those things that I had put on hold. I had made a drop off at the airport, stopped off in Kalamata for a Greek coffee, made a few notes for the productive ‘me-time’ ahead and set off home. On the way back I saw this tiny kitten on the road, hardly able to walk but determined to get somewhere. An oncoming car drove past it and the kitten was knocked over – I stopped the car, rushed across the road and thankfully found that it had been pushed over by the air stream as the car drove past.

It was in a sorry state, eyes gummed up and closed, dirty and smelly and very frail. This was definitely not what I was planning.

Right now it’s one o’clock in the morning and the kitten is resting on my tummy fast asleep. I have gently washed it, given it some warm milk from a pipette and cleaned its eyes with a mild camomile and sea salt tea.

It has a strong cry and I’m hopeful we will both make it.





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