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Coke is bad for your health.

Following on from my last posting, there has been a substantial increase in childhood obesity in our industrialised countries. The healthy Greek diet is rapidly disappearing in favour of the ‘fast food’ diet leading to over weight children, an increase in cardiac diseases and cancer in the population. Maybe it’s not surprising when you have Macdonalds and Coca Cola as major sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics for example.

Coca Cola Hellenic, is Greece’s largest Company and a major producer of tax revenue. It bottles soft drinks and sells to 28 countries. Now when Greece needs all the help it can, it is planning to move it’s headquarters to Switzerland and list its shares on the FTSE 100 in London (read more). I know, ‘it’s all about the money’ what about ethics, morality, decency? I hope all Greeks and the tourists who come to Greece boycott Coke, Fanta and all the other sugary soft drinks they produce (click here to see their portfolio).