Learning to reduce stress.

It took me a couple of years after starting out in the restaurant trade, to realise that I had to find a strategy to survive the unrelenting pressure. It was like trying to keep all those plates spinning – no time to stop, a pause, a break would surely have the whole caboodle come crushing … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 3

How have you been getting on with your meditation practice so far? Were you able to practice regularly? How was the actual sitting process? Did you find a comfortable position? However you experienced your ‘sitting’, whether in a positive or negative way, it was just your ‘experience’ of it. Of course there are some things … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 2

Starting your practice. You don’t have to have a regular time or place to practice, but, without that initial regularity, it will be difficult to maintain a meditation practice. There will always be a reason why you can’t sit, even just for ten minutes.  Having that structure of time and place, creates a positive, habit … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 1

Welcome. I hope you can join me through October to explore the practice of meditation and mindfulness. We will look at different ways of practicing and how to maintain a regular practice.  Knowing that there are others on this journey will hopefully give you encouragement and support. There is a lot of mystic around meditation … read more

Yoga, food and health.

You might have thought that by now, dietary advice would have been distilled and refined to a unified theory of ‘what’ and ‘how’ to eat. If anything, we are still yoyoing from one piece of advice and research to the next contradictory piece of advice. First, we are told that butter is a definite ‘no … read more

Yoga Nidra

We are pleased to offer this 25 minute yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra is a total relaxation practice. Yoga nidra is usually translated as ‘yogic sleep’ but like Shavasana (Corpse pose) you experience total relaxation of the body and the mind whilst remaining awake. Yoga Nidra provides the same benefits as meditation. This particular yoga … read more

Touched by a kitten.

We spent two days together and yet this tiny, frail animal touched me deeply. I spent most of those two days with her cradled in my arms, cleaning it with cotton swabs, feeding her from a small pipette. She responded with her little miaows, pressing her paws onto my fingers and purring when she was … read more

The benefits of meditation

Meditation makes us healthier, happier and smarter too! Meditation is currently a very popular topic in health and lifestyle magazines and features. Health services have discovered that it is good at relieving depression (as good as medication – with no side effects) and even businesses are loving it as it offers them happier workers (and … read more

Being vegetarian is not right for everyone.

Ahimsa or non-violence is an important observance for those practicing yoga. In the West where vegetarianism is not the ‘norm’, this can be a challenge, both morally  and physically. So if you are practicing yoga seriously what should you do? My thoughts on this subject are that not everybody is suited to a vegetarian diet … read more