Plato had the answer.

Plato’s Republic came to my mind this week when I read how the Agro giant Monsanto is moving ever closer to controlling what we eat. In his  book the Republic, Plato says that if we do not involve ourselves in politics then we will inevitably be ruled by worse ‘men’. For me this means that I … read more

Save our Bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

British members of parliament, in a cross party audit of nicotine based pesticides (neonicotinoids) have called for a precautionary moratorium that would prevent three types of neonicotinoid pesticide from being used on plants that attract bees while they are in flower. Sounds sensible enough me thinks? the decline of bees worldwide has increased and has reached … read more

Antibiotics slowly becoming ineffective.

The UK government’s chief medical officer, Professor Sally Davies, ( has said that within 10 to 20 years a minor infection could become fatal due to antbiotic resistant superbugs. Her solution is to “incentivise” the pharmaceutical industry to produce new antibiotics. I think we need to stop using a mallet to crack a nut, more creative … read more

Coke is bad for your health.

Following on from my last posting, there has been a substantial increase in childhood obesity in our industrialised countries. The healthy Greek diet is rapidly disappearing in favour of the ‘fast food’ diet leading to over weight children, an increase in cardiac diseases and cancer in the population. Maybe it’s not surprising when you have Macdonalds and … read more

My brothers, my sisters.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called for Tony Blair and George Bush to face a  trial at the international criminal court in The Hague for their illegal war in Iraq ( ) It was the funeral yesterday of our local postman who had been killed in a road accident. The church was full and there were even more … read more

Local elections – renewed hope.

Today is Sunday and local council elections in Greece. People are dressing up in their Sunday best to go to church and /or to the polling station. I got up early to vote. I followed local tradition and dressed up too. Greeks are still very serious and passionate about politics. Just like elections everywhere in … read more

Politics means being concerned.

I have been taking multi vitamin supplements and various herbal supplements for many years.Touch wood, I haven’t been to the doctor for many years. Yet our politicians in Europe are determined to ban many supplements in their drive for standardisation and to make many supplements so diluted that their efficacy is zero. Many of Natures … read more

Figs and economic crisis.

Figs are ripening on the trees now. So after enjoying a couple of perfect figs its time to prepare breakfast for our guests. Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and some aromatic local chestnut honey.  A lot of bad press about the economic situation. But hey, lets get things in perspective. How much is a sunrise that enlightens … read more

Turtles nesting on tourist beach.

Three days ago a turtle nested on our local beach popular with tourists. In the past turtles and their nests have been destroyed because of a misguided view that they will affect fishing and tourism………but things are changing. There is such a buzz of excitement amongst many locals and visitors. The nesting area has been … read more