Learning to reduce stress.

It took me a couple of years after starting out in the restaurant trade, to realise that I had to find a strategy to survive the unrelenting pressure. It was like trying to keep all those plates spinning – no time to stop, a pause, a break would surely have the whole caboodle come crushing … read more

The song of Summer.

Anybody who has spent time in Greece during the summer cannot have failed to notice the song of the cicadas. They start synchronously on one day at the beginning of Summer and disappear just as mysteriously  at the end of Summer. Beginning early in the day when the sun rises until sunset, they set the … read more

Erudite tortoise!

It’s August and it’s hot here in Greece. This tortoise has decided that the best place to be on a hot day, is our ‘cool’ library. She is one of the wild tortoises that live in our garden and she’s obviously not bothered by people or our dogs and is becoming a regular visitor to … read more

Yoga Nidra

We are pleased to offer this 25 minute yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra is a total relaxation practice. Yoga nidra is usually translated as ‘yogic sleep’ but like Shavasana (Corpse pose) you experience total relaxation of the body and the mind whilst remaining awake. Yoga Nidra provides the same benefits as meditation. This particular yoga … read more

Thank you

A breathtaking Autumn sunset. I took the photos last night looking down from the Spirit of Life over about 30 minutes(in sequence). A big thank you to all of our friends and guests who visited us this year and warm thoughts to all those who didn’t. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Touched by a kitten.

We spent two days together and yet this tiny, frail animal touched me deeply. I spent most of those two days with her cradled in my arms, cleaning it with cotton swabs, feeding her from a small pipette. She responded with her little miaows, pressing her paws onto my fingers and purring when she was … read more

Everything happens for a reason?

I was looking forward to some time on my own, a chance to catch up with my yoga practice and some of those things that I had put on hold. I had made a drop off at the airport, stopped off in Kalamata for a Greek coffee, made a few notes for the productive ‘me-time’ ahead … read more

Once in a blue moon

It’s a full moon tonight. In fact it’s a ‘blue moon’. A ‘blue moon’ occurs, as you would expect,  rarely, when we have two full moons in a calendar month. The last time we had a blue moon was three years ago on the day when Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on … read more

it’s all about how we perceive our world.

Worst day ever? by Chanie Gorkin Today was the absolute worst day ever And don’t try to convince me that There’s something good in every day Because, when you take a closer look, This world is a pretty evil place. Even if Some goodness does shine through once in a while Satisfaction and happiness don’t … read more

Digital Detox

According to the Times newspaper, “the average person checks their smartphone more than 1,500 times a week.” Is that really possible? – Surely not! Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a wonderful tool, which can connect us with hundreds or even thousands of people, instantaneously. However we can lose the ability to connect in a … read more