Learning to reduce stress.

It took me a couple of years after starting out in the restaurant trade, to realise that I had to find a strategy to survive the unrelenting pressure. It was like trying to keep all those plates spinning – no time to stop, a pause, a break would surely have the whole caboodle come crushing … read more

Mavromatika – Thick black-eyed bean stew

Mavromatika  (Black-eyed Beans) For me this is soul food, a recipe that I learnt watching my father, Andreas. An easy recipe, this Cypriot dish can be the main meal or used as an accompaniment. Also known as black-eyed peas, these beans are nutritious (protein rich and high in zinc, iron and potassium) and should definitely … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 3

How have you been getting on with your meditation practice so far? Were you able to practice regularly? How was the actual sitting process? Did you find a comfortable position? However you experienced your ‘sitting’, whether in a positive or negative way, it was just your ‘experience’ of it. Of course there are some things … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 2

Starting your practice. You don’t have to have a regular time or place to practice, but, without that initial regularity, it will be difficult to maintain a meditation practice. There will always be a reason why you can’t sit, even just for ten minutes.  Having that structure of time and place, creates a positive, habit … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 1

Welcome. I hope you can join me through October to explore the practice of meditation and mindfulness. We will look at different ways of practicing and how to maintain a regular practice.  Knowing that there are others on this journey will hopefully give you encouragement and support. There is a lot of mystic around meditation … read more

Carrot Hummus

Another favourite. This is a tale of ingredients. The secret to carrot hummus is to use a good dark tahini (made with whole, unhulled sesame seeds). One of the best tahini I’ve tasted was brought back by a friend from a spice shop in Israel where they grind the sesame seeds on the premises! I … read more

Minty Pea Dip Recipe

An ‘easy peasy’ dip to make, with amazing vibrant green colours of peas, fresh mint and of course a good drizzle of Greek extra virgin olive oil! This is a Greek style mushy peas, that goes well as part of a mezé or as a starter. Preparation time 10 -15 minutes and an hour to … read more

Benefits of the Mediterranean (Greek) Diet

On the island of Ikaria, the islanders often live to a ripe old age. In fact, men on Ikaria are 4 times more likely to reach 90 years old than their American counterparts. Unfortunately, a move to a modern, city based, European way of life has meant a dietary change for many Greeks that is … read more

Summer fruit salad

Those of you who have visited us will have enjoyed Wendy’s fresh fruit salad with thick Greek yoghurt after the morning yoga classes. Apart from the aromatic peaches, fresh figs from our garden and other seasonal fruits, there are two little touches that really lift the flavours of the fruit into the heavenly realm! A … read more

Vlita me avga – Vlita omelette.

Vlita is one of the many ‘greens’ or ‘horta’ that are eaten in Greece. it is commonly known as Amaranth and grows wild as well as being cultivated. It has a firm texture and a delicious slightly bitter taste which i balance by adding onions. Other greens could be used for this recipe such as … read more