Benefits of the Mediterranean (Greek) Diet

On the island of Ikaria, the islanders often live to a ripe old age. In fact, men on Ikaria are 4 times more likely to reach 90 years old than their American counterparts. Unfortunately, a move to a modern, city based, European way of life has meant a dietary change for many Greeks that is … read more

The song of Summer.

Anybody who has spent time in Greece during the summer cannot have failed to notice the song of the cicadas. They start synchronously on one day at the beginning of Summer and disappear just as mysteriously  at the end of Summer. Beginning early in the day when the sun rises until sunset, they set the … read more

Summer fruit salad

Those of you who have visited us will have enjoyed Wendy’s fresh fruit salad with thick Greek yoghurt after the morning yoga classes. Apart from the aromatic peaches, fresh figs from our garden and other seasonal fruits, there are two little touches that really lift the flavours of the fruit into the heavenly realm! A … read more

Erudite tortoise!

It’s August and it’s hot here in Greece. This tortoise has decided that the best place to be on a hot day, is our ‘cool’ library. She is one of the wild tortoises that live in our garden and she’s obviously not bothered by people or our dogs and is becoming a regular visitor to … read more

Vlita me avga – Vlita omelette.

Vlita is one of the many ‘greens’ or ‘horta’ that are eaten in Greece. it is commonly known as Amaranth and grows wild as well as being cultivated. It has a firm texture and a delicious slightly bitter taste which i balance by adding onions. Other greens could be used for this recipe such as … read more

Tortoise update

It was so lovely to see one of the tortoises that we have released, back in our garden munching away at some of the tender greens. She has really grown and her markings are still beautiful, bright and well defined.


A staple of any mezé, everybody loves hummus! It is delicious, rich in protein, trace minerals and roughage and chickpeas and sesame seeds have been shown to help reduce cholesterol. It is very easy to make a great Hummus. I always prefer to prepare my own chickpeas, the texture is much better. It seems pointless … read more

Thank you

A breathtaking Autumn sunset. I took the photos last night looking down from the Spirit of Life over about 30 minutes(in sequence). A big thank you to all of our friends and guests who visited us this year and warm thoughts to all those who didn’t. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Everything happens for a reason?

I was looking forward to some time on my own, a chance to catch up with my yoga practice and some of those things that I had put on hold. I had made a drop off at the airport, stopped off in Kalamata for a Greek coffee, made a few notes for the productive ‘me-time’ ahead … read more