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Being vegetarian is not right for everyone.

Ahimsa or non-violence is an important observance for those practicing yoga. In the West where vegetarianism is not the ‘norm’, this can be a challenge, both morally  and physically. So if you are practicing yoga seriously what should you do?
My thoughts on this subject are that not everybody is suited to a vegetarian diet either because of the lifestyle they lead or their physical inability to thrive on a vegetarian diet. One problem is that those embarking on a ‘veggie’ lifestyle , don’t always have a balanced vegetarian diet. I know many vegetarians who look really unhealthy and are even obese. The other problem is the ability for a person to be able to digest and absorb nutrients from food. I have come encountered a few instances of vegetarians who improved their health by starting to consume meat. In one case a good friend of mine nearly died because of his strict adherence to  a macrobiotic vegetarian diet. He now has a ‘balanced’ diet; some fish, some dairy, a little good wine or real ale and still plenty of vegetables, fruit, pulses and seeds. He’s nearly seventy but looks fifty! Read this article in the guardian.  We can substitute quantity of food for quality and good provenance.

For me like my friend it’s all about balance and mindfulness. I try to be mindful of what I eat. Where the food has come from? What impact does it have on those who have produced it? How will it affect my health and the health of those I cook for? In the end the choice is yours.