Valeria Buyatti and Marcello Bottaro

Valeria Buyatti and Marcello Bottaro are lovers of Argentinian popular culture and of the city of Buenos Aires. They love sharing the music and dance of their city and teach internationally, both in South America and Europe.

Valeria is a tango instructor, African dancer, and executive producer of shows. She has performed as a tango dancer in the piece Romeo y Julieta mueren por el tango ("Romeo and Juliet die for tango), in the shows Mujer ("Woman"), Puro Bardo, Avelladanza, and in the Festival de dos Banderas ("Festival of Two Flags), and won first prize in the festival Contrapunto ("Counterpoint").

As an African dancer she has performed in the shows Onilé, Ara, MMO, and with the candombe performance group La Multiforme in the show Lindo Quilombo.

Marcello is a tango instructor and candombe performer (South American music and dance that comes from African slaves. It was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage of humanity), murguero (participant in a murga, or street musical theater group), actor, photographer, social psychologist and lawyer.

As a tango dancer he has participated in the shows "Mujer" (Woman) and "Puro Bardo," in "Avelladanza," and won first prize in the competition "Contrapunto." He is part of the murga performance group "Fortineros de Corazón" and the candombe group "La Cumparsa."