Teresa Gornall

Teresa has been working in the holistic field and has been enjoying the benefits of yoga for over 20 years. She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and gained a Teaching Diploma and has been teaching yoga for nine years.  Her approach to yoga is that it is an all encompassing and wonderful experience that everyone should be able to enjoy, "....with some modifications and adjustments and by working at your own level, it can be as gentle or as challenging as you want it to be.  Most importantly it should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience to which you will always want to return."

Some testimonials of my 2013 and 2014 yoga holidays at the Spirit of Life Centre.

"I really enjoyed doing yoga with teresa. She is a wonderful teacher! She helped me connect better to my own body and its needs which was just what I needed. I have done yoga on and off for about 4 years and had quite a lot of different teachers but I never felt so good right from the start. And I really was not able to switch off the competition in my head which constantly went 'Am I doing it right?' 'Could I do it better?" 'Is what I am doing really good enough?'. (You probably know what I am talking about here:). Well that's not what yoga is about. Teresa showed me to let these thoughts go and get a better feeling for my own body while challenging it at the same time. And I was surprised how much I could achieve within such little time. Thank you so much again, I really had a great time and hope to come back again." Anna 

"I wasn't practising Yoga for quite a while before the Yoga Holidays and did not really know what to expect: Will it be too much for me and will the style suit me?  But already after the first day my concerns vanished thanks to Teresa's great Yoga classes, which aim for everybody to feel comfortable and not overtaxed. To my own surprise, I was still able to do postures in the end I thought I would never have been able to do. I loved that Teresa was always very concerned about the correctness of the postures and the well-being and health of the participants. And most importantly: There is a very nice atmosphere thanks to the relaxed manner Teresa conducts the classes in.  All of this plus a great studio with every equipment you could use and a lovely landscape made the Yoga Holiday such a great experience that I would not want to have missed.
Thank you very much again!!" Holger 

 'Yoga in Greece – what a truly wonderful week. As a newcomer to Yoga I was a bit apprehensive about doing a full week and fully expected to do a couple of classes and leave the rest to the others who were more experienced, but after the first morning session there was no looking back. Your relaxed and supportive teaching suits all abilities which, combined with the wonderful surroundings and views from the studio as well as the friendliness of the whole group, served to create a really special atmosphere. Your support and encouragement gave me the confidence to attend some classes the following week run by the owner of the Yoga Centre. I am certainly more flexible than I was and I believe my posture has improved – and all in a week! I am already looking forward to next year.  Namaste" Richard

Yoga Meditation"Thank you for organising a fantastic yoga retreat. I really enjoyed the excellent yoga classes in a lovely studio overlooking the olive groves and the sea. I felt fitter and more relaxed at the same time by the end of the week. I closed my eyes in Tuesday's class and I was back in Greece looking out at the view. Thanks to my fellow Yogis, they were fantastic company and really made it a lovely holiday. Count me in for next time.  Namaste" Debi

"Having not done yoga for a few years, I expected to do just the occasional class on the holiday. The fact that I did all but one and thoroughly enjoyed them is a testament to your wonderful teaching and ability to nurture a relaxed and fulfilling atmosphere. This, combined with the enthusiasm and friendliness of all the other people, made it a truly exceptional week.   Thank you." Nik

"Wonderful week, both relaxing and invigorating. I can't believe I did that much yoga, walking and swimming. Lovely company made the week perfect. I've never felt so fit and healthy. " Sally 

"After a week I felt as if I had been away for a month....so relaxing....great food, restful accommodation with a lovely pool, sea swimming nearby and learnt so much more about yoga....highly recommended. x"  Nita

"So often, when you wish for something so much, when the opportunity presents the reality can be a disappointment. Not so with the yoga holiday. I have practiced yoga on and off for thirty years in the UK in various church halls and other venues. For many years I tried to do my yoga on the balcony while on holiday in Greece dreaming that one day perhaps I would do a yoga holiday. So when you offered the opportunity of a week’s holiday with yourself as the teacher in Greece, it was my dream come true. I definitely did not need asking twice and was even more surprised when my husband said he would come along.

Your yoga holiday far exceeded my expectations, there is one word to describe it ‘brilliant’ and I can’t wait for next year. The opportunity to do yoga in a purpose built studio, I just loved the feel of the floor, and all those aids to help with postures and relaxation, but best of all with the windows and doors open to the warm fresh air and the views, whichever way you turned there was a different scene. It gave a whole new dimension to the poses and breathing. Looking at the programme I was not sure I would get to all of the classes but I did, and attended extra classes run by the yoga centre’s owner – a different style of yoga but exciting to try and experience.

I think while I enjoyed everything about the holiday (the company, the hospitality, the relaxed, calm and chilled out atmosphere) the biggest benefits I have noticed is how I feel now I have returned to the UK. Normally by the end of the first week back I am thinking ‘did I really go on holiday?’. This year I know I have been on holiday and am feeling the benefits. And to be fair you did say we would come back feeling so rested and different from the holiday like no other holiday, and you are so right. When can I book for next year?

Thank you so so much." Val