Peter Eastland

Spotlight on Mani artists.



Peter first visited the Mani over 20 years ago. For the past few years he has lived with his wife Hilary in a restored tower house near Kardamyli in the Outer Mani where he works to record the local life and varied landscape of the area.


"I live close to the mountains, my village is dominated by them. I see them every day and their appearance is constantly changing with the varying weather and seasons. I can’t help but be inspired by them.  This has driven me to pursue and develop my ideas about landscape photography in the context of the area.  I have concentrated on exploring the remoteness, diversity and fragility of the mountains."  


"It has never been an empty landscape.  People lived and worked in these mountains for thousands of years, well into the 20th century in fact.  A hundred years ago you would have found the remotest mountain valleys teaming with life, their abandoned stone settlements and crumbling terraces are still there to be seen. When I am photographing, high in the mountains, it’s hard not to be influenced by the memory of their existence. "

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