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We are a small, family run retreat and are always happy to talk to you about areas of cooperation and help. If you run your own retreat, are a facilitator or teacher or are involved in a related holistic field we would like to hear from you. The way forward for small enterprises is to pool resources and to be involved in each others success.
"your success is our sucess".
Please contact Kerry.
If your website's content is relevant to Spirit of Life and you feel that we would mutually benefit from a link exchange, please first ensure that:
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I will then upload the link to your site.
Title:  Yoga, Walking and Holistic Holidays Greece.
Description:  In a landscape of mountains, olive groves and sea views - yoga, walking, cooking and food weeks, Creative writing, painting holidays & dream healing pilgrimages. Great vegetarian food, local & guest teachers.
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<a href="/">Yoga, Walking and Holistic Holidays Greece.</a></b></div>
<div>In a landscape of mountains, sea and olive groves - yoga, walking, detox, cooking and food weeks, Creative writing &amp; dream healing pilgrimages. Great vegetarian food, local &amp; guest teachers.</div>


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