Yoga and Wellbeing - The Sol program

Our ‘balanced life’ course.

Course type : Holistic Holiday

‘Yoga & Wellbeing’ – what is it?

The Sol programme is our integrated health and wellbeing course. Yoga is more than just a series of physical exercises. Yoga is about life. During the week, we explore the interaction between the different aspects of our life and learn how to maintain the ‘mind, body & spirit’ balance that is essential to real and lasting health and happiness.

Why come on the Sol Programme?
Time out from your busy life is not just an indulgent luxury but absolutely essential to wellbeing and happiness. Devoting time to yourself will benefit all aspects of your life and the lives of those who share it.

How will it benefit me?

  • Learning how to become aware of the signs of stress.
  • Learning how to deal with and reduce stress.
  • Learning how to relax.

You will acquire tools that can bring your life back towards a healthy balance, with all the aspects of your life being acknowledged and nurtured.

The path to optimum health and happiness that we take, has to be right for us. It must fit in with our lifestyle, personality and our physical ability. We hope by the end of the week that you will have a better understanding of holistic health and how it relates to you.

What can I expect during the week?

  • Energising and recuperative yoga.
  • Learning why the way we breath can impact our health gor good or bad.
  • Learning about the eight branches of yoga practise.
  • Food and nutrition – the healing and nurturing power of food.
  • Visualisation for healing and personal growth
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • local walks.
  • plus plenty of opportunity for rest, relaxation and enjoying the sea and mountains of our beautiful location