Yoga, walking and wellbeing.

Spring sunshine, well being and joy!

Course type : Holistic Holiday
Come join Kerry and Lisan for a week of delicious yoga and qi-gong, walking, fun, relaxation sunshine, great food and like minded people….bring a friend or come on your own and feel part of the Spirit of Life family!

I've enjoyed several yoga holidays in different places but spirit of life is now my favourite. Kerry & Wendy have created a place with a magical quality based on a combination of ancient land and customs, deep love of Nature and respect for yoga and healing. Lisan is a wise and generous yoga teacher and gave us a wonderful week of practice and inspiration. Thank you to everyone involved.  -Amber Stone

After having fallen in love with this amazing region in Greece, Lisan returns to teach at the Spirit of Life for the fifth year. This week she will co-teach with Kerry Kousionis. Together they combine gentle hatha yoga, qi gong (flowing chinese health excercises), yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation  Optional are a guided walk and 2 visits to traditional Greek mountain villages with their old Byzantine churches and distinctive stone tower houses. The highlight being a chance to enjoy the local cuisine.

The program leaves plenty of time to just relax, visit the lovely harbour for a coffee or lunch in one of the local tavernas, stroll along the beach, have a swim in the crystal clear blue sea, enjoy a massage or just simply rest… If you have never been to Greece in Spring then you are in for a treat. The peloponnese region of Greece, and especially the mani region has one of the richest plant biodiverse ecosysytems - an amazing display of wildflowers.


Lisan Bremmers is from the Netherlands, currently living in Sweden where she runs her own yogastudio. Her experience of yoga is that once we start to really inhabit our body and awaken our sensitivity, we start to connect with ourselves and with others from a much deeper place of joy and confidence. It is the tapping into this ongoing process, that she likes to share with others. Together with her partner Jan she offers privat yoga and meditation retreats from their old renovated farmhouse. Lisan is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, trained at the Yandara Yoga institute in Mexico, she is also certified in Medical Yoga through IMY MediYoga® in Stockholm and did a Restorative Yoga teaching training with Marla Meenakshi Joy. She loves to travel and continues to study with inspiring teachers in Sweden and abroad.

Spring is a stunning period of the year in the Mani. The warm, sunny days make it perfect for exploring the foothills and olive groves. The landscape has become verdant again after the hot summer and nature has once again created a beautiful spectacle.

Kerry Kousionis is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. His 25+ years long yoga journey continues to be one of personal growth and healing. Kerry is a sympathetic teacher who understands that yoga is a personal journey for each student. "Because of our different circumstances (age, sex, physical health and ability), I teach with each individual student in mind. Iyengar yoga is well known for the individual adjustments that are given to students to help them understand and progress in their practice. Yoga allows the mind/body to activate a healing process and my teaching encourages this personal sensitivity to the intelligence that resides in our bodies."

Kerry is also a tai chi, qi gong and zen shiatsu practitioner, as well as an accomplished cook. 

And yes, he’ll be doing some of his wonderful cooking for us this week!

Gentle Hatha yoga

The classes are suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.
Morning classes are more yang and dynamic oriented. We will begin each session with taking some time to quiet the mind, by focusing on the present moment, becoming aware of the breath and creating space between the breaths. Then we will move into some somatic movements to wake up the body followed by a well rounded mix of hatha yoga poses. At the end of the class we return to the same quiet meditative state again, which of course, we never really left.

Evening classes are more yin and restorative orientated to nourish and stimulate our organs and balance the flow of energy in the body. It targets the deeper connective tissues, the ligaments and the joints. Because the practise is slow, it helps develop our inner listening.

Qi Gong
Chinese health exercises that coordinate gentle movements and breath . The exercises stimulate the movement of Qi (the subtle energy of the body - the basis of acupuncture and Shiatsu massage). Working through the body, blockages are released allowing the body to return to  a healthy state.

I really like Lisan’s style of teaching.  She isn’t ‘putting us through the yoga paces’ but there is more an exploration of postures.  It felt good to slow down our practice together and to feel the benefits.  I love the way Lisan shares her understanding and enjoyment!
Yonnie Fraser, Scotland.

Great yoga, walking and company in a beautiful place!  Really exceptional yoga teaching. Felt it deepened my practice, I learned new things, and the sessions renewed my love of yoga. Lisan is a wonderful teacher.  The closing session was very special.                            
Clare Benjamin, Bristol.