Tango, Yoga and Tai Chi

Movement, connection and freedom.

Course type : Holistic Holiday

Valeria Buyatti and Marcello Bottaro from Buenos Aires will be bringing their amazing tango teaching to this week and Kerry will be guiding you with his mindful yoga and tai chi practice.

During the week Valeria and Marcello will be teaching tango as it was danced in the streets of Buenos Aires. The emphasis will be on learning to feel and move naturally with the music and your partner. The aim is to give participants the understanding and skill to be able to dance fluently and easily by the end of the course. The highlight of the week will be a Milonga, an evening of Tango.

The yoga and tai chi are great complements to learning tango. They will bring a suppleness and freedom to the body, increase body awareness and teach how to practice with softness and without tension in the body. The partner work in tai chi will also hone the sensitivity to our own and our partners energy.

Do I have to be an experienced dancer? No, this week is open both to the very experienced and the novice. By the end of the week, even as a complete beginner, you will be moving fluidly to the music. 

I've never practiced yoga or Tai Chi before. Again, no problem. Kerry is a very experienced teacher who will guide you whatever your level of experience.