Horse Riding with Yoga Holidays

Riding holidays

Course type : Holistic Holiday
Weekly holidays - Year round (subject to availability).
Where better to learn the art of Horse riding than in Greece. Xenophon, the Athenian General wrote the first detailed book about horse riding over 2400 years ago. His philosophy was based on intuition, insight into the horse’s world and kind & sensitive treatment.
Students of all ages and experience can learn the foundations of classical riding. You will learn how to build rapport with your horse and communicate with the lightest of physical movements and even your breath! Riders will also become aware of their own bodies learning to reduce muscle tension and a lack of balance. That is why classical horse riding combines so well with yoga. 
All riders will have one-to-one sessions with Deborah. Beginners will learn the foundations of correct horsemanship and experienced riders will build rapport with their horse.
Please note we do not have specific horse riding and yoga weeks so there is a lot of flexibility in availability. Please contact us for your chosen week/s.
Programme for the week.
Day 1 Arrival  
Day 2 Horse riding lesson. Yoga Lesson
Day 3 Horse riding lesson. Yoga Lesson
Day 4 Horse riding lesson. Yoga Lesson
Day 5 Lesson and mountain trek.  
Day 6 Horse riding lesson. Yoga Lesson
Day 7 Lesson and mountain trek. Yoga Lesson
Day 8 Departure  
Riding and yoga holidays
Later in the week there will be guided treks up into the Taygetos mountains
Horse riding and yoga holidays
To help you with breath and body awareness, there are four yoga classes during the week.
Just so you don’t  think that it will all be hard work, there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy the real Greece, swim, walk or just relax in a local taverna with good food and a nice glass of local wine! 

“Anything forced and misunderstood can never be beautiful.”          Xenophon