Dream Healing retreat

A healing exploration of our dream world.

Course type : Personal Retreat

♦ Do you dream?
♦ Would you like to learn how to remember them?
♦ Do you understand what they mean for you?

Dreams and dream healing where an important  part of Greek life over 3,500 years ago.
The temples of Asklepius where the original holistic healing centres, combining body therapies as well as dream healing. We have recreated these ancient healing principles which offer healing at the physical and soul level.

Our dream healing retreats will reunite you with your  intuition and innate knowing.
Have you had a deep knowing and understanding of a situation, which you then ignored?
How would you like to start recognising and trusting your truth and bringing it into your life?

During the week
• you will reconnect with the subtle signposts found in your night dreams.
• you will reconnect with day-dreaming which is often lost in adulthood, and finally
• you will also explore ‘mindful sleep’ learning to look for solutions both within our selves and in the world around us. 

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The dreams
of the night
Makes me live
the dreams of the day
The dreams
of the day
Makes me live
the dreams of the night
The dreams
of the night and day
Makes me live
My own
Ann Christine Hedlund