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The benefits of meditation


Meditation makes us healthier, happier and smarter too!

Meditation is currently a very popular topic in health and lifestyle magazines and features. Health services have discovered that it is good at relieving depression (as good as medication – with no side effects) and even businesses are loving it as it offers them happier workers (and maybe they can squeeze out a little bit more productivity and fewer sick days!).  But meditation or awareness is not a modern discovery. The inhabitants of the indus valley where practicing meditation more than  3,000 years ago and maybe even as far back  as 7,000 years.

It is a simple practice, although not always easy but one that is definitely worth cultivating for its many benefits.

Benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation (click on image)

The benefits:

It improves our physical health.
It boosts your immune system.
It reduces blood pressure.
It reduces stress and therefore improves stress related conditions like psoriasis and fibromyalgia.
We may even live longer. Meditation can stop gene telomeres ( which indicates biological aging) from shortening

It makes us happier.
It increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions.
It makes us less anxious.
It improves self-awareness and allows us to be more accepting of ourselves and of others.
We are less prone to be thrown off balance by life events (whether small or large).

It makes us ‘clever bods’.
It increases brain grey matter.
It improves concentration.
It improves memory.
It allows us to multi-task better.
It improves creativity.

WOW!  If it is so good for us why aren’t we all meditating? Well, we are very good at finding excuses:

I can’t empty my mind. You don’t have to. You first just become aware of the thoughts that come into your head, the rest will follow.

I can’t sit cross legged. You don’t have to. You can sit on a chair or even lie down to meditate.

I can’t keep still. You can practice yoga which is also a form of ‘meditation in movement’, or tai chi, or even walking meditation.

I am too busy. I don’t have time. 10 minutes a day is absolutely fine. When you start feeling the benefits to your life, you’ll want to do more.

I tried meditation before and it I didn’t like it. There are many different types of meditation practice – you just haven’t found a way that is right for you.

It’s religious, I have to become Buddhist. You don’t have to become a monk to meditate. you don’t have to chant either. Meditation is as suitable for atheists as for spiritual or religious people.

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