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Save our Bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our bees collecting pollen on the oak trees.

One of our bees collecting pollen on the oak trees.

British members of parliament, in a cross party audit of nicotine based pesticides (neonicotinoids) have called for a precautionary moratorium that would prevent three types of neonicotinoid pesticide from being used on plants that attract bees while they are in flower. Sounds sensible enough me thinks? the decline of bees worldwide has increased and has reached worrying levels. Despite the increasing view by research scientists around the world, the DEFRA (dept. for the environment) has chosen to allow the use of these poisons. This is quite strange considering it has a policy to follow a ‘precautionary principle and approach’ ( i.e. if there is ‘reasonable grounds for concern’ then a precautionary approach is adopted. the UK government recently abstained from a recent EU vote to ban these pesticides – It seems to me, they are using delaying tactics again, as every year the sales (and profits) of these pesticides increases ($2 billion in 2005 and increasing year on year).

Argentina used to be the biggest exporter of honey in the world but it lost more than 3 million hives of bees after neonicotinoids were introduced onto Soya crops in 2006.  The honey crop fell by 50% and thousands of bee businesses were bankrupted. (for the human cost in Argentina see

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired and frustrated by our elected politicians ignoring the feelings of the majority and even their own guidelines, whilst persuing policies that benefit the minority (large corporate interests). Still,  I put my name to this petition – please sign – .