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Spirit of Life cooking

Spirit of Life cooking

I am always being asked for the recipes of the dishes that we prepare for our guests. So whilst the recipe book is being completed I will publish selected recipes.

Here are some basic but important principles that are the foundation of preparing good food.

  • Let your ingredients dictate the recipe. Some recipes will call for ingredients that are difficult to find, out of season etc.
  • Use seasonal and local produce. They will be better tasting  and be just what your body needs for the environment and climate that you are living in. We eat Greek salads from May until mid October when the tomatoes are sun ripened, sweet and taste their best.
  • Do not be afraid to substitute ingredients. If your recipe calls for fresh coriander and you don’t have any to hand use another herb (broad leaf parsley, rocket, basil etc.) If you need to use chickpeas and the larder is out try  another pulse (cannelini, black eye).
  • Make your cooking a joy, a time to chill out and tickle the senses. your food will taste even better.