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Politics means being concerned.

I have been taking multi vitamin supplements and various herbal supplements for many years.Touch wood, I haven’t been to the doctor for many years. Yet our politicians in Europe are determined to ban many supplements in their drive for standardisation and to make many supplements so diluted that their efficacy is zero. Many of Natures natural medicines just work.
They are saying that these because these supplements may cause (very rare) rections in some people they should be banned. So do manufactured drugs (which often have detrimentall side-effects) but those industries are not penalised.
This means that slowly homeopathy, herbalists (what did those ancient Greeks know anyway), ayuvedic healers etc. will become illegal – does this feel like the Spanish inquisition over again. But it will still be OK to drink alcohol, smoke ‘doctored’ tobacco, pop vallium and a host of other pharma cocktails!
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