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My brothers, my sisters.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called for Tony Blair and George Bush to face a  trial at the international criminal court in The Hague for their illegal war in Iraq ( )

It was the funeral yesterday of our local postman who had been killed in a road accident. The church was full and there were even more people outside the church, as the residents of the surrounding villages came to pay their respects. Funerals are a time of great reflection for us all and it brought home to me the complex interconnection of all people and how the death of even one person can touch so many ‘souls’.

Now think of the 100,000+ (and growing) civilian deaths in Iraq, multiply those losses by the cost to their communities…..unthinkable?

When we start feeling the cost and pain of every single loss, the cost to mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends, then and only then, can we cure ourselves of our collective psychopathic condition.

Mr Blair, you cannot justify those civilian deaths; your new found faith will not allow it either. There is NO price, no future economic benefit to the Iraqi’s, and certainly no clever manipulation of facts that will give your conscience a balm or peace. Those casualties of YOUR war were the brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers and friends of ‘souls’ that are still grieving.

We live our lives as if we are going to live forever, we relinquish the beauty of this present moment for a reward in the future or we hold onto perceived grievances again clouding ‘he Now’. Life is fragile and precious and our every breath is a blessing. So whatever you are doing take a deep breath, reconnect with you and reconnect with those around you, thay are just an extension of us, their pain is our pain, their joy is our joy.

Om Shanti