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Local elections – renewed hope.

Today is Sunday and local council elections in Greece. People are dressing up in their Sunday best to go to church and /or to the polling station.

I got up early to vote. I followed local tradition and dressed up too.

Greeks are still very serious and passionate about politics. Just like elections everywhere in the world after 12 years of an incumbent Mayor and council, people are beginning to feel it’s time for a change. With that thought of change there is also hope of better things around the corner. I have felt that every time I have voted and a few years later the disappointment sets in. Still Hope is a good thing.
The area of Mani stands at a unique crossroads. An area of extraordinary natural beauty and also an area of potential development for tourism. the two have to be married very sympathetically. Nature and Man a delicate balance. We certainly can not survive without nature. Nature can survive very well without us.  

After voting Tico and Manuk – two young and wonderfully enthusiastic French naturalists – to see some seals! They had seen a family of Mediterranean monk seals rearing cubs in a cave further down the Mani coast. It was very exciting and even though we didn’t see the seals we could certainly smell the fishy aroma that indicates they were there. We are going back soon and I will post some photos – hopefully.