Learning to reduce stress.

It took me a couple of years after starting out in the restaurant trade, to realise that I had to find a strategy to survive the unrelenting pressure. It was like trying to keep all those plates spinning – no time to stop, a pause, a break would surely have the whole caboodle come crushing … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 3

How have you been getting on with your meditation practice so far? Were you able to practice regularly? How was the actual sitting process? Did you find a comfortable position? However you experienced your ‘sitting’, whether in a positive or negative way, it was just your ‘experience’ of it. Of course there are some things … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 2

Starting your practice. You don’t have to have a regular time or place to practice, but, without that initial regularity, it will be difficult to maintain a meditation practice. There will always be a reason why you can’t sit, even just for ten minutes.  Having that structure of time and place, creates a positive, habit … read more

Meditation and Mindfulness – Day 1

Welcome. I hope you can join me through October to explore the practice of meditation and mindfulness. We will look at different ways of practicing and how to maintain a regular practice.  Knowing that there are others on this journey will hopefully give you encouragement and support. There is a lot of mystic around meditation … read more