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Antibiotics slowly becoming ineffective.

The UK government’s chief medical officer, Professor Sally Davies, ( has said that within 10 to 20 years a minor infection could become fatal due to antbiotic resistant superbugs. Her solution is to “incentivise” the pharmaceutical industry to produce new antibiotics.
I think we need to stop using a mallet to crack a nut, more creative thinking is needed to tackle this problem. here are some suggestions:

The immune system should be the front-line of our defence against infections. Information about optimum nutrition should be taught from a young age. Good nutrition is essential to keep the body healthy and the immune system effective.  

Stop prescribing antibiotics for everything. What about slowing down or even stopping for a few days? What are we rushing towards? A warm bed, some lemon drinks and a couple of asprin might be all that is needed.

The majority of antibiotics are used in modern non-organic animal husbandry. The industrialisation of beef, dairy and poultry farming has created abysmal conditions for the animals. They are often wallowing in their own waste – a breeding ground for enteric bacteria. Antibiotics are given to these animals to counter the terrible conditions they live in.  Solution? Eat organic or become vegetarian!

Keep your environment clean naturally. Before the creation of a 1001 products to keep our homes biologically clean, we used things like wine or cider vinegar to clean surfaces. These kill or inhibit many pathogenic bacteria without sterilising everything. We need to have our so called ‘friendly bacteria’ around us (on our skin, in our guts, even in the food we eat) to remain healthy. The preservatives that are in the processed foods that we buy, even in our drinks, will also undermine the natural bacterial ecosystem of the body.

The idea that we continue with our current practices and just produce new antibiotics is a nonsense. Bacteria replicate and evolve to quickly we can never keep pace with them.