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Walking holiday exploring the Mani.
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October 2020 17/10 - 24/10 £1000
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Looking into my eyes.

Here is a picture I took today along the Mani coastline of a beautiful and curious Mediterranean Monk seal. Looking into the eyes of this beautiful creature, I felt a wonderful privilege at sharing a moment in it’s life. There are less than 400 – 600 individuals left in the world and of these 250 are found in Greece. I feel a sadness at what we are doing to the real wealth that we possess -the  NATURAL World that supports and sustains us all. Even if I never saw another monk seal again, knowing they are there somehow enriches my life.

Mediterranean monk Seal - Monachus monachus

Looking into the eyes of one of the most endangered animals on our planet.

According to Mom (The Hellenic Society for the Study and the Protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal) “…the Mediterranean monk seal is the No1 endangered marine mammal in Europe and it is also in the top 6 list of the most critically endangered mammals on earth and in the top 12 most critically endangered animals world-wide.”